Flatbed Towing Encino

24-Hour Flatbed Towing Encino Services

Encino is a huge city that’s it’s impossible to go places with a car. Of course there is public transportation but usually takes forever to get to one place an it’s not very convenience if you have to go to multiple places in one day. Once you have a car you just want to drive everywhere which is normal which is normal but thing can go wrong with your vehicle. You can be driving somewhere and your car out of nowhere just stops on you and you don’t know what’s wrong with it.

Flatbed Towing Encino Services

Encino flatbed towing1st Towing Service Encino has two types of tow trucks that are equipped with everything they need to perform the job they are going to be doing. The first truck that we have is the flatbed towing Encino truck that puts the entire vehicle on top of the flatbed tow truck where it’s not touching the floor. We really like to use this truck when someone has been involved in an accident or they are an all wheel drive vehicle. Flatbeds are available when the customer has a car that’s really low of the ground and if they have a luxuries vehicle.

flatbed towing EncinoNow aside from flatbed towing Encino, we offer the wheel lift tow truck which picks up the vehicle from one end depending the type of vehicle. This truck is used for when the vehicle doesn’t change gears and is stuck on park and when they break down inside parking structures. Both of these trucks can tow any type of vehicles. We also offer heavy duty flatbed towing Encino  we have the same types of tow trucks in Encino but just 3 times bigger which can tow any commercial vehicle, work vans, motor homes, rv’s and storage containers.

What Services can I request?

Encino Towing also offers great roadside services for any type of vehicle which includes tire changes, jump starts, gas deliveries and lockouts. We also offer battery replacements where we go and replace the old one for a new at the spot so you can get on your way.

Another great service we offer are winch out services which every truck is capable of doing since they are equipped with everything. A winch out service basically means that we pull your vehicle out from where ever it is stuck from which can be grass or mud.

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1st Towing Service Encino has only the best technicians here working for us around the clock just for you. They have years of experience that’s why we are available for Towing in Encino 24 hours so give us a call at (818) 237-9926 we are ready to assist you at any time.