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Towing Services

Here at 1st Towing Services Encino, we’re the first towing service in the city that offers both towing and roadside assistance services. A typical scenrio: you notice while you’re driving, your car is making strange noises. Your car happens to break down on you way to your destination. What do you do in a situation like this? Our Towing Service is here to help you with whatever you need. We can also recommend local shops around the area where you can get your car fixed for a low price. Things like this happen all the time and its important that you choose someone that knows what they are doing because you don’t want to damage your vehicle even more.

Towing Services - Encino Tow Trucks

Flatbed tow truck puts the entire vehicle on top of the flatbed tow truck where it’s not touching the floor. We really like to use this truck when someone has been involved in an accident or they are an all wheel drive vehicle. Flatbeds are available when the customer has a car that’s really low of the ground and if they have a luxuries vehicle. The reason why flatbeds are used for towing high-valued or luxury cars is that it can have all the wheels of the vehicle placed on the flat platform of the tow truck, thus lowering the chance of damaging the vehicle during transportation.

Wheel Lift Towing

Aside from flatbed towing Encino, we also offer wheel lift tow truck which picks up the vehicle from one end depending the type of vehicle. This truck is used for when the vehicle doesn’t change gears and is stuck on park and when they break down inside parking structures. Wheel lift towing is a common towing method seen on the roads. It is quick and efficient way of towing vehicles, especially in tight and narrow spots. Hooking up the vehicle is quick and efficient, and your vehicle can be towed to reasonable distances. Being one of the easiest methods of towing, it can deliver maximum results with minimum effort and tools without causing damage to vehicles.

Light Duty Towing

Light Duty towing one of the most common type of towing request. Our light duty tow trucks are ideal for passenger vehicles and motorcycles. We provide all the needs for a smooth and safe tow. For instance, we use flatbed tow trucks to transport the motorcycles, and we utilize tools such locks or straps to fasten the bike to the truck. With our years of experience in handling different vehicles, you can be sure your motorcycle will be safely transported.

Medium Duty Towing

We perform a medium duty towing with our well-maintained fleet of tow trucks. In addition, We employ the latest technology and best operating practices to ensure that we perform safe and smooth tow for your vehicle. If your vehicle has broken down we can safely tow it to your desired destination. Our technicians are trained highly skilled in towing, and our fleet of tow trucks are available for towing various medium sized trucks. From RVs, motorhomes, vans, trailers and other medium duty vehicles, call 1st Towing Service Encino for our services!