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Encino 24 Hour Towing

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What’s worse than this LA traffic? How about getting a flat tire in LA traffic? Or your vehicle battery dies on you? That’s what 1st Towing Services Encino is here for. We service all of Encino 24 Hour Towing services for emergency and roadside towing at a rapid pace and at fair pricing. We operate at the lowest rates and around the clock! Our tow trucks are available 24 hours a day, stationed locally in Encino.

Additional Services with Encino Towing

24 Hour Towing EncinoWe have several 24 hour flatbed tow trucks that are used for all wheel drive vehicles, luxury and classic vehicles, motorcycles, and long distance tows. Encino 24 Hour Towing also has wheel lift tow trucks which are used for front and rear wheel drive vehicles, and a more common tow truck that gently lifts two wheels in the air, either your front or rear tires, leaving the remaining two tires safely rolling behind the vehicle.

Aside for the amazing results that our customers have dealt with, we offer a series of wheel lift tow trucks, including medium duty, light duty, and heavy duty tow trucks. We focus on these to bring you, our clients, the most painless towing experience yet! Encino 24 Hour Towing isn’t limited to just sedans, SUV’s and Motorcycles, we also have medium and heavy duty tow trucks that have the ability to tow limo’s, commercial trucks, RV’s, and even tractor trailers.

Call us now at (818) 237-9926

We also have several hardworking technicians for Roadside Assistance: key lockouts, gas deliveries, jump-starts, tire changes and battery replacements. Encino 24 Hour Towing Services is known for their dedicated, reliable, and well mannered employees eager to assist you anywhere in LA County at anytime! Call the finest towing technicians at 1st towing services Encino today at (818) 237-9926. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days out of the year